Psalms of Solomon 1-18

by G. Buchanan Gray, translator
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the
Old Testament in English
, Charles, ed.(1913) pp.631-652

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Messianic Prophecy Edition

“Time-Capsule to the Last Generation”

Psalm 1
A Psalm of Solomon

1I cried unto the Lord when I was in distress, Unto God when sinners assailed. 2Suddenly the alarm of war was heard before me; (I said), He will hearken to me, for I am full of righteousness. 3I thought in my heart that I was full of righteousness, Because I was well off and had become rich in children. 4Their wealth spread to the whole earth, And their glory unto the end of the earth. 5They were exalted unto the stars; They said they would never fall. 6But they became insolent in their prosperity, And they were without understanding, 7Their sins were in secret, And even I had no knowledge (of them). 8Their transgressions (went) beyond those of the heathen before them; They utterly polluted the holy things of the Lord.

Psalm 2
A Psalm of Solomon Concerning Jerusalem

1When the sinner waxed proud, with a battering-ram he cast down fortified walls, And Thou didst not restrain (him). 2Alien nations ascended Thine altar, They trampled (it) proudly with their sandals; 3Because the sons of Jerusalem had defiled the holy things of the Lord, Had profaned with iniquities the offerings of God. 4Therefore He said Cast them far from Me; 5It was set at naught before God, It was utterly dishonoured; 6The sons and the daughters were in grievous captivity, Sealed (?) (was) their neck, branded (?) (was it) among the nations. 7According to their sins hath He done unto them, for He hath left them in the hands of them that prevailed. 8He hath turned away His face from pitying them, Young and old and their children together; 9for they had done evil one and all, in not hearkening. 10And the heavens were angry, And the earth abhorred them; 11for no man upon it had done what they did, 12And the earth recognized all Thy righteous judgments, O God. 13They set the sons of Jerusalem to be mocked at in return for (the) harlots in her; Every wayfarer entered in in the full light of day. 14They made mock with their transgressions, as they themselves were wont to do; In the full light of day they revealed their iniquities And the daughters of Jerusalem were defiled in accordance with Thy judgment, 15Because they had defiled themselves with unnatural intercourse I am pained in my bowels and my inward parts for these things. 16(And yet) I will justify Thee, O God, in uprightness of heart, for in Thy judgments is Thy righteousness (displayed), O God. 17for Thou hast rendered to the sinners according to their deeds, Yea according to their sins, which were very wicked. 18Thou hast uncovered their sins, that Thy judgment might be manifest; 19Thou hast wiped out their memorial from the earth God is a righteous judge, And He is no respecter of persons. 20for the nations reproached Jerusalem, trampling it down; Her beauty was dragged down from the throne of glory. 21She girded on sackcloth instead of comely raiment, A rope (was) about her head instead of a crown. 22She put off the glorious diadem which God had set upon her, 23In dishonor was her beauty cast upon the ground. 24And I saw and entreated the Lord and said, Long enough, O Lord, has Thine hand been heavy on Israel, in bringing the nations upon (them). 25for they have made sport unsparingly in wrath and fierce anger; 26And they will make an utter end, unless Thou, O Lord, rebuke them in Thy wrath. 27for they have done it not in zeal, but in lust of soul, 28Pouring out their wrath upon us with a view to rapine. 29Delay not, O God, to recompense them on (their) heads, To turn the pride of the dragon into dishonour. 30And I had not long to wait before God showed me the insolent one Slain on the mountains of Egypt, Esteemed of less account than the least on land and sea; 31His body, ( too,) borne hither and thither on the billows with much insolence, with none to bury (him), because He had rejected him with dishonour He reflected not that he was man. 32And reflected not on the latter end; 33He said I will be lord of land and sea; And he recognized not that it is God who is great, Mighty in His great strength. 34He is king over the heavens, And judgeth kings and kingdoms. 35(It is He) who setteth me up in glory, And bringeth down the proud to eternal destruction in dishonour, Because they knew Him not. 36And now behold, ye princes of the earth, the judgment of the Lord, for a great king and righteous (is He), judging (all) that is under heaven. 37Bless God, ye that fear the Lord with wisdom, for the mercy of the Lord will be upon them that fear Him, in the Judgment; 38So that He will distinguish between the righteous and the sinner, (And) recompense the sinners for ever according to their deeds; 39And have mercy on the righteous, (delivering him) from the affliction of the sinner, And recompensing the sinner for what he hath done to the righteous. 40for the Lord is good to them that call upon Him in patience, Doing according to His mercy to His pious ones, Establishing (them) at all times before Him in strength. 41Blessed be the Lord for ever before His servants.

Psalm 3
A Psalm of Solomon Concerning the righteous

1Why sleepest thou, O my soul, And blessest not the Lord? 2Sing a new song, Unto God who is worthy to be praised Sing and be wakeful against His awaking, for good is a psalm (sung) to God from a glad heart. 3The righteous remember the Lord at all times, with thanksgiving and declaration of the righteousness of the Lord's judgments. 4The righteous despiseth not the chastening of the Lord; His will is always before the Lord. 5The righteous stumbleth and holdeth the Lord righteous He falleth and looketh out for what God will do to him; 6He seeketh out whence his deliverance will come. 7The steadfastness of the righteous is from God their deliverer; There lodgeth not in the house of the righteous sin upon sin. 8The righteous continually searcheth his house, To remove utterly (all) iniquity (done) by him in error. 9He maketh atonement for (sins of) ignorance by fasting and afflicting his soul, 10And the Lord counteth guiltless every pious man and his house. 11The sinner stumbleth and curseth his life, The day when he was begotten, and his mother's travail. 12He addeth sins to sins, while he liveth (?); 13He falleth�verily grievous is his fall�and riseth no more The destruction of the sinner is for ever, 14And he shall not be remembered, when the righteous is visited. 15This is the portion of sinners for ever. 16But they that fear the Lord shall rise to life eternal, And their life (shall be) in the light of the Lord, and shall come to an end no more.

Psalm 4
A Conversation of Solomon with the Men-pleasers

1Wherefore sittest thou, O profane (man), in the council of the pious, Seeing that thy heart is far removed from the Lord, Provoking with transgressions the God of Israel? 2Extravagant in speech, extravagant in outward seeming beyond all (men), Is he that is severe of speech in condemning sinners in judgment. 3And his hand is first upon him as (though he acted) in zeal, And (yet) he is himself guilty in respect of manifold sins and of wantonness. 4His eyes are upon every woman without distinction; His tongue lieth when he maketh contract with an oath. 5By night and in secret he sinneth as though unseen, with his eyes he talketh to every woman of evil compacts. 6He is swift to enter every house with cheerfulness as though guileless. 7Let God remove those that live in hypocrisy in the company of the pious, (Even) the life of such an one with corruption of his flesh and penury. 8Let God reveal the deeds of the men-pleasers, The deeds of such an one with laughter and derision; 9That the pious may count righteous the judgment of their God, When sinners are removed from before the righteous, 10(Even the) man-pleaser who uttereth law guilefully. 11And their eyes (are fixed) upon any man's house that is (still) secure, That they may, like (the) Serpent, destroy the wisdom of with words of transgressors, 12His words are deceitful that (he) may accomplish (his) wicked desire. 13He never ceaseth from scattering (families) as though (they were) orphans, Yea, he layeth waste a house on account of (his) lawless desire. 14He deceiveth with words, (saying,) There is none that seeth, or judgeth. 15He fills one (house) with lawlessness, And (then) his eyes (are fixed) upon the next house, To destroy it with words that give wing to (desire) (Yet) with all these his soul, like Sheol, is not sated. 16Let his portion, O Lord, be dishonoured before thee; Let him go forth groaning and come home cursed. 17Let his life be (spent) in anguish, and penury, and want, O Lord; Let his sleep be (beset) with pains and his awaking with perplexities. 18Let sleep be withdrawn from his eyelids at night; Let him fail dishonorably in every work of his hands. 19Let him come home empty-handed to his house, And his house be void of everything wherewith he could sate his appetite. 20(Let) his old age (be spent) in childless loneliness until his removal (by death). 21Let the flesh of the men-pleasers be rent by wild beasts, And (let) the bones of the lawless (lie) dishonored in the sight of the sun. 22Let ravens peck out the eyes of the hypocrites. 23for they have laid waste many houses of men, in dishonor, And scattered (them) in (their) lust; 24And they have not remembered God, Nor feared God in all these things; 25But they have provoked God's anger and vexed Him May He remove them from off the earth, Because with deceit they beguiled the souls of the flawless. 26Blessed are they that fear the Lord in their flawlessness; 27The Lord shall deliver them from guileful men and sinners, And deliver us from every stumbling-block of the lawless (men). 28Let God destroy them that insolently work all unrighteousness, for a great and mighty judge is the Lord our God in righteousness. 29Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be upon all them that love Thee.

Psalm 5
A Psalm of Solomon

1O Lord God, I will praise Thy name with joy, In the midst of them that know Thy righteous judgments. 2for Thou art good and merciful, the refuge of the poor; 3When I cry to Thee, do not silently disregard me. 4for no man taketh spoil from a mighty man; 5Who, then, can take aught of all that Thou hast made, except Thou Thyself givest? 6for man and his portion (lie) before Thee in the balance; He cannot add to, so as to enlarge, what has been prescribed by Thee O God, 7when we are in distress we call upon Thee for help, And Thou dost not turn back our petition, for Thou art our God. 8Cause not Thy hand to be heavy upon us, Lest through necessity we sin. 9Even though Thou restore us not, we will not keep away; But unto Thee will we come. 10for if I hunger, unto Thee will I cry, O God; And Thou wilt give to me. 11Birds and fish dost Thou nourish, In that Thou givest rain to the steppes that green grass may spring up, (So) to prepare fodder in the steppe for every living thing; 12And if they hunger, unto Thee do they lift up their face. 13Kings and rulers and peoples Thou dost nourish, O God; And who is the help of the poor and needy, if not Thou, O Lord? 14And Thou wilt hearken -for who is good and gentle but Thou? �Making glad the soul of the humble by opening Thine hand in mercy. 15Man's goodness is (bestowed) grudgingly and .; And if he repeat (it) without murmuring, even that is marvelous. 16But Thy gift is great in goodness and wealth, And he whose hope is (set) on Thee shall have no lack of gifts. 17Upon the whole earth is Thy mercy, O Lord, in goodness. 18Happy is he whom God remembereth in (granting to him) a due sufficiency; 19If a man abound over much, he sinneth. 20Sufficient are moderate means with righteousness, And hereby the blessing of the Lord (becomes) abundance with righteousness. 21They that fear the Lord rejoice in good (gifts), And Thy goodness is upon Israel in Thy kingdom Blessed is the glory of the Lord for He is our king.

Psalm 6
In Hope of Solomon

1Happy is the man whose heart is fixed to call upon the name of the Lord; 2When he remembereth the name of the Lord, he will be saved. 3His ways are made even by the Lord, And the works of his hands are preserved by the Lord his God. 4At what he sees in his bad dreams, his soul shall not be troubled; 5When he passes through rivers and the tossing of the seas, he shall not be dismayed. 6He ariseth from his sleep, and blesseth the name of the Lord 7When his heart is at peace, he singeth to the name of his God, And he entreateth the Lord for all his house. 8And the Lord heareth the prayer of every one that feareth God, And every request of the soul that hopes for Him doth the Lord accomplish. 9Blessed is the Lord, who showeth mercy to those who love Him in sincerity.

Psalm 7
Of Solomon of turning

1Make not Thy dwelling afar from us, O God; Lest they assail us that hate us without cause. 2for Thou hast rejected them, O God; Let not their foot trample upon Thy holy inheritance. 3Chasten us Thyself in Thy good pleasure; But give (us) not up to the nations; 4For, if Thou sendest pestilence, Thou Thyself givest it charge concerning us; for Thou art merciful, And wilt not be angry to the point of consuming us. 5While Thy name dwelleth in our midst, we shall find mercy; 6And the nations shall not prevail against us for Thou art our shield, 7And when we call upon Thee, Thou hearkenest to us; 8for Thou wilt pity the seed of Israel for ever And Thou wilt not reject (them) But we (shall be) under Thy yoke for ever, And (under) the rod of Thy chastening. 9Thou wilt establish us in the time that Thou helpest us, Showing mercy to the house of Jacob on the day wherein Thou didst promise (to help them).

Psalm 8
Of Solomon of the chief Musician

1Distress and the sound of war hath my ear heard; The sound of a trumpet announcing slaughter and calamity, 2The sound of much people as of an exceeding high wind, As a tempest with mighty fire sweeping through the Negeb. 3And I said in my heart; Surely (?) God judgeth us; 4A sound I hear (moving) towards Jerusalem, the holy city. 5My loins were broken at what I heard, my knees tottered 6My heart was afraid, my bones were dismayed like flax. 7I said They establish their ways in righteousness I thought upon the judgments of God since the creation of heaven and earth; I held God righteous in His judgments which have been from of old. 8God laid bare their sins in the full light of day; All the earth came to know the righteous judgments of God. 9In secret places underground their iniquities (were committed) to provoke (Him) to anger; 10They wrought confusion, son with mother and father with daughter; 11They committed adultery, every man with his neighbor's wife They concluded covenants with one another with an oath touching these things; 12They plundered the sanctuary of God, as though there was no avenger. 13They trode the altar of the Lord, (coming straight) from all manner of uncleanness; And with menstrual blood they defiled the sacrifices, as (though these were) common flesh. 14They left no sin undone, wherein they surpassed not the heathen. 15Therefore God mingled for them a spirit of wandering; And gave them to drink a cup of undiluted wine, that they might become drunken. 16He brought him that is from the end of the earth, that smiteth mightily; 17He decreed (?) war against Jerusalem, and against her land. 18The princes of the land went to meet him with joy they said unto him Blessed be thy way! Come ye, enter ye in with peace. 19They made the rough ways even, before his entering in; They opened the gates to Jerusalem, they crowned its walls. 20As a father (entereth) the house of his sons, (so) he entered (Jerusalem) in peace; He established his feet (there) in great safety. 21He captured her fortresses and the wall of Jerusalem; 22for God Himself led him in safety, while they wandered. 23He destroyed their princes and every one wise in counsel; He poured out the blood of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, like the water of uncleanness. 24He led away their sons and daughters, whom they had begotten in defilement. 25They did according to their uncleanness, even as their fathers (had done) 26They defiled Jerusalem and the things that had been hallowed to the name of God. 27(But) God hath shown Himself righteous in His judgments upon the nations of the earth; 28And the pious (servants) of God are like innocent lambs in their midst. 29Worthy to be praised is the Lord that judgeth the whole earth in His righteousness. 30Behold, now, O God, Thou hast shown us Thy judgment in Thy righteousness; 31Our eyes have seen Thy judgments, O God We have justified Thy name that is honoured for ever; 32for Thou art the God of righteousness, judging Israel with chastening. 33Turn, O God, Thy mercy upon us, and have pity upon us; 34Gather together the dispersed of Israel, with mercy and goodness; 35for Thy faithfulness is with us And (though) we have stiffened our neck, yet Thou art our chastener; 36Overlook us not, O our God, lest the nations swallow us up, as though there were none to deliver. 37But Thou art our God from the beginning, And upon Thee is our hope (set), O Lord; 38And we will not depart from Thee, for good are Thy judgments upon us. 39Ours and our children's be Thy good pleasure for ever; O Lord our Saviour, we shall never more be moved. 40The Lord is worthy to be praised for His judgments with the mouth of His pious ones; And blessed be Israel of the Lord for ever.

Psalm 9
Of Solomon for rebuke

1When Israel was led away captive into a strange land, When they fell away from the Lord who redeemed them, 2They were cast away from the inheritance, which Lord had given them Among every nation (were) the dispersed of Israel according to the word of God, 3That Thou mightest be justified, O God, in Thy righteousness by reason of our transgressions 4for Thou art a just judge over all the peoples of the earth. 5for from Thy knowledge none that doeth unjustly is hidden, 6And the righteous deeds of Thy pious ones (are) before Thee, O Lord, Where, then, can a man hide himself from Thy knowledge, O God? 7Our works are subject to our own choice and power To do right or wrong in the works of our hands 8And in Thy righteousness Thou visitest the sons of men. 9He that doeth righteousness layeth up life for himself with the Lord; And he that doeth wrongly forfeits his life to destruction; 10for the judgments of the Lord are (given) in righteousness to (every) man and (his) house Unto whom art Thou good, O God, except to them that call upon the Lord? 11He cleanseth from sins a soul when it maketh confession, when it maketh acknowledgement; 12for shame is upon us and upon our faces on account of all these things. 13And to whom doth He forgive sins, except to them that have sinned? 14Thou blessest the righteous, and dost not reprove them for the sins that they have committed; And Thy goodness is upon them that sin, when they repent. 15And, now, Thou art our God, and we the people whom Thou hast loved Behold and show pity, O God of Israel, for we are Thine; And remove not Thy mercy from us, lest they assail us. 16for Thou didst choose the seed of Abraham before all the nations, And didst set Thy name upon us, O Lord, 17And Thou wilt not reject (us) for ever Thou madest a covenant with our fathers concerning us; 18And we hope in Thee, when our soul turneth (unto Thee) The mercy of the Lord be upon the house of Israel for ever and ever.

Psalm 10
A Hymn of Solomon

1Happy is the man whom the Lord remembereth with reproving, And whom He restraineth from the way of evil with strokes, That he may be cleansed from sin, that it may not be multiplied. 2He that maketh ready his back for strokes shall be cleansed, for the Lord is good to them that endure chastening. 3for He maketh straight the ways of the righteous, And doth not pervert (them) by His chastening. 4And the mercy of the Lord (is) upon them that love Him in truth, And the Lord remembereth His servants in mercy. 5for the testimony (is) in the law of the eternal covenant, The testimony of the Lord (is) on the ways of men in (His) visitation. 6Just and kind is our Lord in His judgments for ever, And Israel shall praise the name of the Lord in gladness. 7And the pious shall give thanks in the assembly of the people; And on the poor shall God have mercy in the gladness (?) of Israel; 8for good and merciful is God for ever, And the assemblies of Israel shall glorify the name of the Lord The salvation of the Lord be upon the house of Israel unto everlasting gladness!

Psalm 11
Of Solomon Unto expectation

1Blow ye in Zion on the trumpet to summon (the) saints, 2Cause ye to be heard in Jerusalem the voice of him that bringeth good tidings; for God hath had pity on Israel in visiting them. 3Stand on the height, O Jerusalem, and behold thy children, From the East and the West, gathered together by the Lord; 4From the North they come in the gladness of their God, From the isles afar off God hath gathered them. 5High mountains hath He abased into a plain for them; 6The hills fled at their entrance The woods gave them shelter as they passed by; 7Every sweet-smelling tree God caused to spring up for them, That Israel might pass by in the visitation of the glory of their God. 8Put on, O Jerusalem, thy glorious garments; Make ready thy holy robe; for God hath spoken good concerning Israel, for ever and ever. 9Let the Lord do what He hath spoken concerning Israel and Jerusalem; Let the Lord raise up Israel by His glorious name The mercy of the Lord be upon Israel for ever and ever.

Psalm 12
Of Solomon Against the tongue of transgressors

1O Lord, deliver my soul from (the) lawless and wicked man, From the tongue that is lawless and slanderous, and speaketh lies and deceit. 2Manifoldly twisted (?) are the words of the tongue of the wicked man, Even as among a people a fire that burneth up their beauty. 3So he delights to fill houses with a lying tongue, To cut down the trees of gladness which setteth on fire transgressors, 4To involve households in warfare by means of slanderous lips May God remove far from the innocent the lips of transgressors by (bringing them to) want And may the bones of slanderers be scattered (far) away from them that fear the Lord! 5In flaming fire perish the slanderous tongue (far) away from the pious! 6May the Lord preserve the quiet soul that hateth the unrighteous; And may the Lord establish the man that followeth peace at home. 7The salvation of the Lord be upon Israel His servant for ever; And let the sinners perish together at the presence of the Lord; But let the Lord's pious ones inherit the promises of the Lord.

Psalm 13
Of Solomon A Psalm of Comfort for the righteous

1The right hand of the Lord hath covered me; The right hand of the Lord hath spared us. 2The arm of the Lord hath saved us from the sword that passed through, From famine and the death of sinners. 3Noisome beasts ran upon them with their teeth they tore their flesh, And with their molars crushed their bones But from all these things the Lord delivered us, 4The righteous was troubled on account of his errors, Lest he should be taken away along with the sinners; 5for terrible is the overthrow of the sinner; But not one of all these things toucheth the righteous for not alike are the chastening of the righteous (for sins done) in ignorance, And the overthrow of the sinners 6Secretly (?) is the righteous chastened, Lest the sinner rejoice over the righteous. 7for He correcteth the righteous as a beloved son, And his chastisement is as that of a firstborn. 8for the Lord spareth His pious ones, And blotteth out their errors by His chastening for the life of the righteous shall be for ever; 9But sinners shall be taken away into destruction, And their memorial shall be found no more. 10But upon the pious is the mercy of the Lord, And upon them that fear Him His mercy.

Psalm 14
A Hymn of Solomon

1Faithful is the Lord to them that love Him in truth, To them that endure His chastening, To them that walk in the righteousness of His commandments, In the law which He commanded us that we might live. 2The pious of the Lord shall live by it for ever; The Paradise of the Lord, the trees of life, are His pious ones. 3Their planting is rooted for ever; They shall not be plucked up all the days of heaven for the portion and the inheritance of God is Israel. 4But not so are the sinners and transgressors, Who love (the brief) day (spent) in companionship with their sin; Their delight is in fleeting corruption, 5And they remember not God for the ways of men are known before Him at all times, And He knoweth the secrets of the heart before they come to pass. 6Therefore their inheritance is Sheol and darkness and destruction, And they shall not be found in the day when the righteous obtain mercy; 7But the pious of the Lord shall inherit life in gladness.

Psalm 15
A Psalm of Solomon with a Song

1When I was in distress I called upon the name of the Lord, I hoped for the help of the God of Jacob and was saved; 2for the hope and refuge of the poor art Thou, O God. 3(a) for who, O God, is strong except to give thanks unto Thee in truth? 4And wherein is a man powerful except in giving thanks to Thy name? 5A new psalm with song in gladness of heart, The fruit of the lips with the well-tuned instrument of the tongue, The firstfruits of the lips from a pious and righteous heart� 6He that offereth these things shall never be shaken by evil; The flame of fire and the wrath against the unrighteous shall not touch him, 7When it goeth forth from the face of the Lord against sinners, To destroy all the substance of sinners, 8for the mark of God is upon the righteous that they may be saved Famine and sword and pestilence (shall be) far from the righteous, 9for they shall flee away from the pious as men pursued in war; But they shall pursue sinners and overtake (them), And they that do lawlessness shall not escape the judgment of God; As by enemies experienced (in war) shall they be overtaken, 10for the mark of destruction is upon their forehead. 11And the inheritance of sinners is destruction and darkness, And their iniquities shall pursue them unto Sheol beneath. 12Their inheritance shall not be found of their children, 13for sins shall lay waste the houses of sinners And sinners shall perish for ever in the day of the Lord's judgment, 14When God visiteth the earth with His judgment. 15But they that fear the Lord shall find mercy therein, And shall live by the compassion of their God; But sinners shall perish for ever.

Psalm 16
A Hymn of Solomon for Help to the Pious

1When my soul slumbered (being afar) from the Lord, I had all but slipped down to the pit, When (I was) far from God, 2my soul had been well nigh poured out unto death, (I had been) nigh unto the gates of Sheol with the sinner, 3when my soul departed from the Lord God of Israel �Had not the Lord helped me with His ever lasting mercy. 4He pricked me, as a horse is pricked, that I might serve Him, My savior and helper at all times saved me. 5I will give thanks unto Thee, O God, for Thou hast helped me to (my) salvation; And hast not counted me with sinners to (my) destruction. 6Remove not Thy mercy from me, O God, Nor Thy memorial from my heart until I die. 7Rule me, O God, (keeping me back) from wicked sin, And from every wicked woman that causeth the simple to stumble. 8And let not the beauty of a lawless woman beguile me, Nor any one that is subject to (?) unprofitable sin. 9Establish the works of my hands before Thee, And preserve my goings in the remembrance of Thee. 10Protect my tongue and my lips with words of truth; Anger and unreasoning wrath put far from me. 11Murmuring, and impatience in affliction, remove far from me, When, if I sin, Thou chastenest me that I may return (unto Thee). 12But with goodwill and cheerfulness support my soul; When Thou strengthenest my soul, what is given (to me) will be sufficient for me. 13for if Thou givest not strength, Who can endure chastisement with poverty? 14When a man is rebuked by means of his corruption, Thy testing (of him) is in his flesh and in the affliction of poverty. 15If the righteous endureth in all these (trials), he shall receive mercy from the Lord.

Psalm 17
A Psalm of Solomon with Song of the King

1O Lord, Thou art our King for ever and ever, for in Thee, O God, doth our soul glory. 2How long are the days of man's life upon the earth? As are his days, so is the hope (set) upon him. 3But we hope in God, our deliverer; for the might of our God is for ever with mercy, 4And the kingdom of our God is for ever over the nations in judgment. 5Thou, O Lord, didst choose David (to be) king over Israel, And swaredst to him touching his seed that never should his kingdom fail before Thee. 6But, for our sins, sinners rose up against us; They assailed us and thrust us out; What Thou hadst not promised to them, they took away (from us) with violence. 7They in no wise glorified Thy honorable name; They set a (worldly) monarchy in place of (that which was) their excellency; 8They laid waste the throne of David in tumultuous arrogance But Thou, O God, didst cast them down and remove their seed from the earth, 9In that there rose up against them a man that was alien to our race. 10According to their sins didst Thou recompense them, O God; So that it befell them according to their deeds. 11God showed them no pity; He sought out their seed and let not one of them go free. 12Faithful is the Lord in all His judgments Which He doeth upon the earth. 13The lawless one laid waste our land so that none inhabited it, They destroyed young and old and their children together. 14In the heat of His anger He sent them away even unto the west, And (He exposed) the rulers of the land unsparingly to derision. 15Being an alien the enemy acted proudly, And his heart was alien from our God. 16And all things [whatsoever he did in] Jerusalem, As also the nations [in the cities to their gods.] 17And the children of the covenant in the midst of the mingled peoples [surpassed them in evil.] There was not among them one that wrought in the midst of Jerusalem mercy and truth. 18They that loved the synagogues of the pious fled from them, As sparrows that fly from their nest. 19They wandered in deserts that their lives might be saved from harm, And precious in the eyes of them that lived abroad was any that escaped alive from them. 20Over the whole earth were they scattered by lawless (men). 21for the heavens withheld the rain from dropping upon the earth, Springs were stopped (that sprang) perennial(ly) out of the deeps, (that ran down) from lofty mountains for there was none among them that wrought righteousness and justice; From the chief of them to the least (of them) all were sinful; 22The king was a transgressor, and the judge disobedient, and the people sinful. 23Behold, O Lord, and raise up unto them their king, the son of David, At the time in the which Thou seest, O God, that he may reign over Israel Thy servant 24And gird him with strength, that he may shatter unrighteous rulers, 25And that he may purge Jerusalem from nations that trample (her) down to destruction Wisely, righteously 26he shall thrust out sinners from (the) inheritance, He shall destroy the pride of the sinner as a potter's vessel with a rod of iron he shall break in pieces all their substance, 27He shall destroy the godless nations with the word of his mouth; At his rebuke nations shall flee before him, And he shall reprove sinners for the thoughts of their heart. 28And he shall gather together a holy people, whom he shall lead in righteousness, And he shall judge the tribes of the people that has been sanctified by the Lord his God. 29And he shall not suffer unrighteousness to lodge any more in their midst, Nor shall there dwell with them any man that knoweth wickedness, 30for he shall know them, that they are all sons of their God And he shaIl divide them according to their tribes upon the land, 31And neither sojourner nor alien shall sojourn with them any more He shall judge peoples and nations in the wisdom of his righteousness Selah. 32And he shall have the heathen nations to serve him under his yoke; And he shall glorify the Lord in a place to be seen of (?) all the earth; 33And he shall purge Jerusalem, making it holy as of old 34So that nations shall come from the ends of the earth to see his glory, Bringing as gifts her sons who had fainted, 35And to see the glory of the Lord, wherewith God hath glorified her And he (shall be) a righteous king, taught of God, over them, 36And there shall be no unrighteousness in his days in their midst, for all shall be holy and their king the anointed of the Lord. 37for he shall not put his trust in horse and rider and bow, Nor shall he multiply for himself gold and silver for war, Nor shall he gather confidence from (?) a multitude (?) for the day of battle. 38The Lord Himself is his king, the hope of him that is mighty through (his) hope in God < > All nations (shall be) in fear before him, 39for he will smite the earth with the word of his mouth for ever. 40He will bless the people of the Lord with wisdom and gladness, 41And he himself (will be) pure from sin, so that he may rule a great people He will rebuke rulers, and remove sinners by the might of his word; 42And (relying) upon his God, throughout his days he will not stumble; for God will make him mighty by means of (His) holy spirit, And wise by means of the spirit of understanding, with strength and righteousness. 43And the blessing of the Lord (will be) with him he will be strong and stumble not; 44His hope (will be) in the Lord who then can prevail against him? (He will be) mighty in his works, and strong in the fear of God, 45(He will be) shepherding the flock of the Lord faithfully and righteously, And will suffer none among them to stumble in their pasture. 46He will lead them all aright, And there will be no pride among them that any among them should be oppressed. 47This (will be) the majesty of the king of Israel whom God knoweth; He will raise him up over the house of Israel to correct him. 48His words (shall be) more refined than costly gold, the choicest; In the assemblies he will judge the peoples, the tribes of the sanctified. 49His words (shall be) like the words of the holy ones in the midst of sanctified peoples. 50Blessed be they that shall be in those days, In that they shall see the good fortune of Israel which God shall bring to pass in the gathering together of the tribes. 51May the Lord hasten His mercy upon Israel! May He deliver us from the uncleanness of unholy enemies! The Lord Himself is our king for ever and ever.

Psalm 18
A Psalm of Solomon of the Lord's Annointed

1Lord, Thy mercy is over the works of Thy hands for ever; Thy goodness is over Israel with a rich gift. 2Thine eyes look upon them, so that none of them suffers want; 3Thine ears listen to the hopeful prayer of the poor Thy judgments (are executed) upon the whole earth in mercy; 4And Thy love (is) toward the seed of Abraham, the children of Israel Thy chastisement is upon us as (upon) a first-born, only-begotten son, 5To turn back the obedient soul from folly (that is wrought) in ignorance. 6May God cleanse Israel against the day of mercy and blessing, Against the day of choice when He bringeth back His anointed. 7Blessed shall they be that shall be in those days, In that they shall see the goodness of the Lord which He shall perform for the generation that is to come, 8Under the rod of chastening of the Lord's anointed in the fear of his God, In the spirit of wisdom and righteousness and strength; 9That he may direct (every} man in the works of righteousness by the fear of God, That he may establish them all before the Lord, 10A good generation (living) in the fear of God in the days of mercy Selah. 11Great is our God and glorious, dwelling in the highest. 12(It is He) who hath established in (their) courses the lights (of heaven) for determining seasons from year to year, And they have not turned aside from the way which He appointed them 13In the fear of God (they pursue) their path every day, From the day God created them and for evermore. 14And they have erred not since the day He created them Since the generations of old they have not withdrawn from their path, Unless God commanded them (so to do) by the command of His servants.

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